Our Story

Love  & Moxie was created out of just that; love for what I do and the moxie to get it done.   Jewelry was always a love of mine, even as a young girl.  My grandfather had a fine jewelry store within his furniture store on the famous Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, California dating back to its late 1920's origin. Almost every birthday involved some sort of jewelry for and/or with my present from my family.  

Adding  another interesting layer to my family is the maternal side; my  great-grandmother, Clara Weiss.  She had 12 children of which 10 survived, my grandmother being the oldest.   This family became a Vaudeville act back in the Windy City, where she sewed and accessorized all their costumes for the stage.  

So... I suppose this is what I was born to do.  I thoroughly enjoy hand-picking each and every item Love & Moxie will offer.  Striving for high quality along with great value is my simple mission.  I take  great pride in my commitment to customer service and the products Love  & Moxie sells.  Finally, our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.
I hope your enjoy your shopping experience with Love & Moxie. 

Thank you for your Love & Moxie.